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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lunch Report: Sam's Burger Joint...

In spite of already knowing exactly where to go to find the best burger in San Antonio, we continue to give other places a try just because you never know if someone is going to have something else to hit the spot, or on the off chance that we'll see something worth reporting. With that, we found ourselves downtown and along Broadway, so we popped into Sam's Burger Joint - another place that has escaped us over the years.I'd say the location for Sam's is pretty good - close to downtown, close to Alamo Heights and Brackenridge Park, within walking distance of Nightmare on Grayson, and interestingly enough, in viewing distance of a bridge inhabited by several vagrants, derelicts and at least one guy who needed to pee really bad. But don't let that stop you from a nice place.As usual, I like the decor because it was full of old signs, memorabilia, posters and such. I like it when you can mix mounted deer on the walls with posters of Marilyn and a warning to would be waitstaff stiffs.Sam's is not just a place to get a burger, but in a separate building, they have live shows. The staff seems to be younger, hipper and tattooed'er than other places we have been recently, but make no mistake, the service was friendly and fast. They have a full bar but at least during the day, they seemed okay with kids. In fact, while we were there, a volunteer group from Boeing brought in a pack of young kids from a field trip to the Witte. Kudos.My wife ordered the Guacamole/Jack burger combo and upgraded to onion rings. We were not expecting the branded buns and that seemed like an added bonus, proof that the buns were done up just the way we enjoy them. The guacamole was fresh and it tasted great to me. My wife would have preferred the burger to be cooked just a tad bit longer (as toward the middle, hers was still finishing the last race, so to speak). The onion rings had a great taste and excellent texture, though we both agreed they could have been cooked maybe a minute longer.I went with the mushroom/Swiss burger and I found mine to be most excellent. Sure, they could have cooked it a bit more, but I enjoy mine more medium than well-done, so no complaints from me. I think more than the meat, the buns and the fixin's were what made it a good burger, and I really enjoyed mine. Although we ate inside, you can also enjoy a nice day out on the patio or sit at the outdoor bar in the evening. If you happen to be in the area, go on and give it a try.


Q said...

Ok, so where is the best place for burgers? For me right now it is Bobby J's but I am open to new things...

Dave said...

Where is the best place for burgers? I'm down with Bobby J's, but honestly, of all the places we have been for burgers, I have yet to have a better, more thoroughly enjoyable burger than The Lords Kitchen.

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