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Monday, September 1, 2008

Strange on the Road: Little Cars...

I suspect we'll be seeing more of these little cars being driven around town by wallet conscious drivers who prefer higher gas mileage over safety. Whatever floats your boat.I'm all for anything to reduce costs but really, the first time a Hummer or heaven forbid, an 18-wheeler with a load of something heavy meets this little rollerskate of a car in a collision, I'm thinking good gas mileage is going to be the least of every one's worries. I hope these things come with a helmet and about 40 airbags.

Having been to Europe where gas prices have been high forever, they have lots of small little cars like this (and tiny little roads to drive them on) - in fact, in England, I used to drive a Mini before it was considered a cool car. But the point is, if you get in a wreck, chances are it will be with another tiny little car.

Strange. I don't think I could get myself into one of those little things. And where do you put the groceries?


Anonymous said...

hey stone..those are cute cars..i think the city should go to those..get rid of the gas gusslers..traffic would not be so scarey to drive in..as far as groceries..well.. we would slim down p.d.q.just the basics..beer,bread,milk,beer,peanuts..haha..laters nena

Sapphire said...

I got throttled on c-d when I mentioned the "Hummer meets toy car" scenario! My Nissan Sentra is bad enough--no way am I getting a Micro-Machine.

Albatross said...

At least that thing has four wheels, not three.

Anonymous said...

I'd need one for each foot!

Anonymous said...

At the Bank of America in that same Bandera/1604 location, I nearly wrecked into one that was hiding in a parking space. It was nicely nestled between an F-350 and a lifted Dodge Ram.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, those cars still cost over 10K, and STILL run on gasoline. No thanks. If either one of those two factors were different, I might consider buying one. It makes about as much sense to me as a Malibu Hybrid that only gets 2 MPG better than it's non-hybrid counterpart. What's the point?

Rich said...

I tend to agree with your concerns over safety. But according to what I've read on the web it's "supposed" to be rated pretty good for safety.


Also an interesting video at this link:


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