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Monday, September 1, 2008

Lunch Report: Dodging Duck Brewhaus in Boerne...

Boerne is one of the local towns that we have been through on our way to someplace else several times in as many years, but we have never actually parked the car and got out to walk around. And, sad to say, we didn't do that again when we took a small drive and found ourselves on the Hauptstrasse this afternoon. But we did stop long enough to get a bite to eat at an interesting little place called The Dodging Duck Brewhaus.We have made up our minds that before this time next year, we are going to go stay the night in Boerne, then put on some comfortable walking shoes and see the many shoppes and interesting galleries that draw so many visitors, and appreciate some of the reason so many people we know will gladly drive the distance to live in and around Boerne while working in San Antonio. We live too close not to see it all. But today was just lunch.Today was a beautiful day and the location of The Dodging Duck is on River Road right across the street from Cibolo Creek. There were people enjoying the park and picnicking along the creek. But, we decided we would sit inside rather than dine on the interesting outside deck with a great view of the creek.When we first sat down, I had this feeling that the dining room we were in (there are several different dining areas) was a bit claustrophobic, but once I was able to appreciate the view out the window and enjoy the interesting selection of music being played, I got used to it.The setting was enjoyable and we liked how they use that brown packaging paper over the tablecloth, and the many paintings and duck related sculptures to dress the place up.My wife ordered from the kids menu; they charge a buck extra for adults, but we don't have a problem with that. She got the two cheese burgers with "chips". These potatoes are really done well and came seasoned just perfect.I could not pass up on the Fish 'n chips plate complete with malt vinegar. The fish was coated in a wonderfully thick batter and fried to a perfect crispness - not burnt at all, but certainly not undercooked. Outstanding! I had no intention of using the tarter sauce but noticed it had a different texture compared to most, so I gave it a taste. Turns out, this is a house specialty made fresh daily and I ain't kidding, awesome! I ended up dipping the remainder of my fries in the tarter sauce and almost licked the bowl clean when I finished the fries.Just to be polite, since it is afterall a brewhaus, I tried one of the brews on tap called Veronica's Secret. I'm here to tell ya, good stuff. I was shocked to see that some people seated near us left without even finishing their samples or their beers. WTH? Decorum prevailed and I did not slither over to the table and "clean their plates" so to speak.
We had great service, freindly staff and the fish n' chips, especially the tarter sauce make The Dodging Duck a Tasty Treat!

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Anon E. Mouse said...

The folks from that restaurant were in my section of the Kendall County Fair Association's parade in Boerne on Saturday morning. They were riding bicycles, some normal style, but one was a tandom and one was a triple with a kiddie trailer being towed behind while dad pedaled. The 2 kids were pedaling as well, but the one in the 'trailer' just enjoyed the scenery.

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