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Friday, September 12, 2008

Dinner Report: TRH...

Just a very short mini-report on dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We have already established that we're pretty fond of the place for any number of reasons including nice atmosphere, good food and service.But, I have this little deal going where each time I go there now, I'm trying something different. I love the ribs, love the catfish, love the steak (though, I confess I like mine better), and I always enjoy their sides and such.Thursday afternoon, my wife and I went in to grab a quick bite. They serve you the fresh bread right away and I love me some warm bread. We both started off with the house salad with ranch. Always consistent, served in a chilled bowl, dressing on the side, excellent croutons and fresh tomato. And the dressing is made there at the restaurant. Love that salad.My wife ordered up her usual selection: steak, and along with the salad got some loaded mashed potatoes. As is the norm, she commenced her happy dance of approval following the first bite of steak.I looked at the menu and decided to go with something called Grilled BBQ Chicken which is described as a marinated 1/2 pound breast in barbecue sauce. And that is what I got. For some reason, I just had in my mind a big huge piece of chicken with a bone in it. So visually, when I saw the plate, I was disappointed, after all, I need to be able to gnaw on the bone to get all the sauce on my shirt and cheeks. But it was good. Not dry at all and the sauce was suitable. I'm a huge fan of TRH baked potatoes. I love the fact that they have salt all over the outside and, no kidding, the potato is still hot by the time you finish it.
Our waitress Kaylyn, was Johnny on the spot service-wise and even in a crowded environment, I think TRH has the system down to where you can get in, get your order going, nibble on the nuts, eat the bread, sip a beer, eat the salad and then get the food followed by the check all with the sequenced timing of a military operation. And when you are hungry and in a hurry, that is a good thing!

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deep forest said...

You're preachin' to the the choir. Eat there whenever i can....

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