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Friday, May 23, 2008

Lunch Report: Texas Roadhouse...

Call us weak, but when we need a little beef, we don't stray too far from the house, and when I'm not throwing a few slabs of beef on the grill out back, we have the Texas Roadhouse just down the street at Loop 410 and Ingram.My daughter had a hankering for a good steak; she reports that New Jersey and the assembled restaurants within an hour of her home are simply inadequate in the steak department - and she needed the lovin' that can only come from TRH in SA.

On a side note and totally unrelated to this story: You can purchase the steak knives; you don't have to steal them. In fact, my wife has purchased enough Texas Roadhouse steak knives, complete with burlap sack pouches, that we could probably start our own franchise. We'd just need some steak. And some plates, and a place to cook the food and such.
They start you off with hot bread and some cinnamon butter. I could do without the cinnamon, but what the heck. Yum.I've told you before, I love their house salad. Chilled bowls and fresh ingredients. Awesome.I had the 1/3 rack of ribs and loaded baked potato (the potato is still in my refrigerator, due to the fact that I'm a lightweight.)My wife had the 6 ounce steak cooked Medium well...And my daughter had the same steak cooked medium. The medium simply melts in your mouth. Yea, after I inhaled my ribs, I had little tastes of the steak.

So, in case you need to get some meat, I'm still happy with the Texas Roadhouse, and you should hit it - just call ahead.


M2 said...

We're partial to the Saltgrass Steakhouse, as we've had several good meals there...

Cheers! M2

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That looks good. Our first trip to our local Texas Roadhouse place wasn't great and we've never been back. Perhaps we need to give them another shake. :-)

Maureen said...

Yes, TRH is good, but only in Texas. Don't try the one in Lexington, KY. Blech.

I love their grilled veggies!

Dave said...

ETW, I think Maureen may have answered the question there. There is something different about steak outside of Texas.

My daughter has been to some place called Longhorn up in New Jersey and she said she has never been so disappointed. I'm sure your local TRH will try to do a good steak, but your best bet is to buy some meat and grill it yourself!

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