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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spurs Vs Hornets: Ring Of Fire...Really!

I think I'm going to stick with the Spurs Coyote as a favorite mascot. The NO Hornets mascot, Hugo, tried a little flaming dunk action but things just didn't turn out as expected...Oh, he made it through the ring of fire and even dunked. Unfortunately, the crew couldn't get the fire to stop and the end result was a huge delay while they attempted to clean the fire extinguisher powder from the floor. I'm sure someone is getting fired over this.


Anonymous said...

The stunt fire went wrong and when the airtype fire extinguisher wouldnt work, several different types of fire extinguishers were brought out to extinguish a fire that wouldnt go out. Safety First.

Maureen said...

They should have taken it to the back to spray it. It was not raging out of control. They should have thought of the safety of the players--Tony Parker fell afterwards and hit his head on the court, and other players were slipping around, too. Totally unnecessary!!

Dave said...

I have to say that the idea of carrying a ring of fire through the audience in the stands would probably be a no-go. I blame this on poor planning and suspect we won't see a repeat.

Maureen said...

See, I don't think they would have had to go through the audience--the players don't. But either way, it was a mess and shouldn't have happened. I just think they could have removed it without messing up the court.

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