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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dinner Report: Our Version of 1905 Salad...

During our visit to Florida I mentioned our much enjoyed trip to The Columbia and the 1905 salad I simply love. It turns out that my mom had clipped the recipe from the Tampa Tribune several years ago and she gave it to me to try.This evening, my wife cut the recipe in about a third and whipped some up for us for dinner. You have to make the salad part separate from the dressing, then mix them together just before serving. If you can't make it to The Columbia, my wife makes a great substitute - this 1905 was awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Eva Says:

I must admit that even though it had olives it was really good. I only wish I would have tasted the other one in Florida to compare but it you said it was good than I believe you.
Hmmm what recipe will I try next.

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