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Friday, May 30, 2008

River Walk Construction Update...

So, I have missed a bit since my last update on the San Antonio River Walk construction near my downtown office. It looks as though our hard-hatted, sombrero-wearing mortar workers have made great progress since my last series of happy snaps.Add some water, a few drunks, and a reason, and I think we'd be good to go, aside from the fact that their are no bars or restaurants on the small section I have been showing pictures of. Of course, the Holiday Inn is close by and they have a pretty neat little bar there; my wife and I have been!Anyway, I think the grass has died or at least it could use some water. And the river could use some liquid too.But aside from that, it looks wonderful and I can't wait until the day, years from now I suppose, when we can walk up and down this area.

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