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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trip Report: Back in The Five-Oh...

And just like magic, my little trip on the plane is over and we are all back in San Antonio without incident.

I'll have a few more reports regarding our excellent visit with my family in Brandon; turns out we have to eat regardless of where we are, so needless to say, my camera and my taste buds were in full attendance.

Our flight back to San Antonio was via Memphis and I am pleased to report that the flight crew kept us abreast of the Spurs-Hornets score during the flight. It is always enjoyable to hear your fellow passengers cheering as opposed to screaming - if you know what I mean.

Oh - just a little comment on technology. I have the type of DVR that allows you to log into the box via the wonder of the World Wide Web. As such, I directed my box in Texas to record the Spurs-Hornets game all the way from Florida. I know, for those of you who still can't make your Beta-Max stop blinking 12:00, it may as well be magic. But in spite of the brilliance of this technology, I do have a complaint.

As our flight hits the runway, my son whips open his cell phone and commences to find the live score to the game. As we get into the baggage claim area, several other folks have the scores updating every minute or so. We get out to our van parked in long-term parking, and tune into 1200-WOAI, and listen live to the last full minute or so of the game. So we got it. We know that the Spurs win game 7 and we are happy.

So I get home, turn on the ol' DVR and decide to watch the last five minutes of the game. If you saw it, you know it was pretty intense up until about the last 50 seconds.

Yea. That's about the time my DVR decided that the game was over. You gotta be shittin' me! 50 seconds left in a game 7. I thought it was the season finale to The Sopranos!

Anyway. More on the trip to Florida and the usual nonsense when I get my bags unpacked.


KeithAlanK said...

It'll be on ESPN again in an hour or so.

It was a great game!

Sid said...

Dave, I notice a different, more youthful look you're sporting in the photo. Did you per chance visit Ponce DeLeon's Fountain of Youth while in Florida?

Dave said...

Ha! You know, my sister told me that I looked years younger with the shaved face. She said, "I'm only being honest."

You people sure know how to give a fat, silver bearded guy a complex!

Lynne said...

Well, you do look younger now, but the beard gives you a more fun aura and... jenesaiquoi.
Guess it evokes fond memories of my step-dad... wait, does that make you feel old again? Sorry.

ha ha ha :D

Dave said...


I'd like one of those with extra ice please.

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