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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lunch Report: Philly Connection

We spent the morning checking out some garage sales then found ourselves in need of a little snack. A while back my wife had spotted this place off of I-10 and Callaghan called Philly Connection, so we thought we'd give it a try. Right off the bat, the place is clean - I mean spotless. I like that in a place that serves food.My wife ordered a small cheese chicken and was very pleased with it. In seeing the size, the fact that we ordered combos, I should have also gone with the small. You definitely get enough to eat.

We both agreed that the bread was outstanding and fresh. Not too doughy, but not hard like a stale roll.
I made a slight error in rushing to order the biggest thing I could find due to the fact that I was just starving. I ordered something called The Works. It is an original with some extra stuff plus, pizza sauce. The hell? I like pizza sauce on pizza, but not on a sandwich. In spite of the fact that it was technically ruined, I was a good sport and wolfed it down.

Over all, good service, a clean place and generous servings make Philly Connection worth a visit.
As an added bonus, they serve ice cream, cheese cake and some specialty coffee drinks. But really read the menu before you place your order, just so you know what you are ordering. Pizza sauce on a Philly Cheese steak? I guess.


fergus said...

the food looks awesome.. nice pics..
It made me feel hungry lol

Anonymous said...

Try the mushroom philly and the onion rings Yummm

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