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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GNWCIA: We Have New Board of Directors...

If you only show up here just to get the latest details of the Great Northwest Community Improvement Association (GNWCIA) then I've been a pretty crappy correspondent in the last few weeks, wouldn't you say?

Well, herewith the latest news available to anyone with two functioning fingers and an account on the Google: Our sitting board of three remaining directors appointed three more folks to take the open positions good through 2011. They are (in no particular order) Lee Besing, our former Chair, Janet Doherty, our former vice-Chair, and Ida Rodkey, one of the five folks who ran in the recent failed election attempt. I offer my personal congratulations to them all and hope they will continue the good work and progress the board had been making in spite of the buffoonery that some of the other directors had attempted to inflict upon the association.

And of course, comments like that can often upset folks, so I am pledging to myself to limit such observations in the future. I've never tried to be some sort of rebel voice attempting to sway opinions one way or another for issues faced by my HOA, but I can tell you when I see stupid.

A year or so ago, through no input or request from me, the fine people in charge over at the office added a link to my friendly neighborhood Blog on the front page of our HOA's official site. That decision was almost immediately attacked by a few board members who felt I was a threat to good order and discipline, certainly sophomoric in nature and quite often in bad taste. I don't know those to be actual quotes by the way, but I certainly accept them all as accurate descriptions of what I do here.

Upon hearing rumors of the complaints, I immediately contacted people in the know and suggested the link be removed to avoid any problems. You people should not be subjected to someone like me but, I'm happy to report that those critics were denied their requests and the link remained for some time (almost a year, really).

But all good things come to an end. Just as a matter of normal updating and such the link to the page was removed and I harbor no regrets or ill-feelings as a result. I'm just glad that a lot of my neighbors who looked over the community-sponsored web page followed my goofy picture to this page, and as a result, my wife and I have met quite a few neighbors we may have never met before. So thanks for the exposure.

Different topic: I received word from Councilwoman Delicia Herrera's office that Mr. Sean Fitzgibbons, aide to the Councilwoman, will begin attending our Neighborhood Watch meetings instead of the GNWCIA Board of Directors meetings, because they felt it was better for interaction with the community. Ya think? I'm sure the idea is that he won't have to wait for a lawyer to be consulted if he asks a resident "How's it going?"

So if you live in the GNW and think you'd like to get involved with things, why not try to do it by becoming a Block Captain? It's fun and, next Wednesday the 28th of May, we are going to precede our meeting with a cookout - burgers, dogs, chili, sides, dessert! Want to know more? E-mail me!

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