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Thursday, September 4, 2008

GNWCIA Executive Board Meeting: My Notes...

My wife and I made the short trip down to the Lodge of the Great Northwest to attend the monthly Executive Board meeting of the Great Northwest Community Improvement Association (GNWCIA).  I'll keep the notes brief:

From the Community Manager:
  • Explained the issues involved in cancelling the Carnival that was scheduled for this weekend (Hurricane Gustov problems)
  • Reminded us that the Luau Saturday evening is still on  
  • Mentioned that the Tennis Courts rennovation is still being evaluated
  • Provided the long awaited financial report 
From the Deed Restrictions Officer:
  • There is an Architectural Control Committee position opening
  • Brush pick-up in Silver Creek 8-26 September
From the Rec Director:
  • Luau entry requires the GNW ID and a second ID verfying age.  This is an adult party.
From Chief of Security:
  • Continued issue of people stealing potted plants and ornaments from people's yards
  • Discussion about who controls the lighting at the soccer fields
Not much else to report.  I did want to make a brief comment on the lighting of the soccer fields issue.  It was brought up becasue there was concern over who can turn the lights on and off.  There is a lockbox that secures the switch so that people can't just willy nilly turn the lights on and off.  Instead, when needed, security personnel turn the lights on, then come back later and turn them off.  The problem is, sometimes, only one or two people want to use the fields at night and it is percieved that this is a waste of electricity to light up the entire area.  Also, becasue security may not get back to the field as soon as the users have left, the lights may stay on longer than needed - again, wasting electricity.

I'd like to suggest that an established closing time be set fro 10PM.  This way, when security turns on the lights, a timer can be set that will automatically turn off the lights at 10PM.  

I know that some might say it is a waste to leave the lights on if they are not in use, but I submit that many residents would use the field for exercise if it was lighted as a routine.  Who wants to have to contact security (who may be out on a call or doing rounds) each time they want to use the fields?  

I confess that I do not know how much the cost is to light the fields 3 hours each evening, but I tend to think that this is something that ought to be covered.

Your thoughts? Leave a comment or e-mail me.



Anon E. Mouse said...

There is a current board policy covering each of our facilities, basketball, tennis courts, and soccer fields, regarding how long lights can / will be left on at night. For example, Ridge Creek Park has a policy of closing at sunset like most city parks. I'm thinking that there is already a policy in the "U Section" of the Master Operations Manual (referred to as the "MOM") outlining 10 or 11pm weekday nights, and perhaps longer on weekends for Basketball / tennis courts. I'll double check and get back to you on this.

KeithAlanK said...

Your timer idea is a good one, except I imagine it isn't as simple or cheap as plugging your outdoor Christmas lights into an $8 timer.
Someone will have to price a unit that will do the job, then figure out if the investment will pay for itself quickly enough to be worthwhile.
Perhaps some "trustees" who live near the park could be given keys?

Anonymous said...

Hey There,

We have three tennis courts and a basketball court where the lights are controlled by a timer. The timer automatically turns the lights off at 10 PM or so. I bleieve right now they are set to come on between 7PM and 10PM. There is a light switch on each court that actually turns on the lights. Of course even when the switch is on, they will only come on during the time you have set. The timer boxes are really not very expensive. Each of our tennis courts uses 6 1,000 watt lights. Of course, we encourage residents, to turn off the switch when they are done playing---otherwise they come on the next night even with no one at the court. I usually make a round the next day and turn off the switches.

If you think about the number of people playing--most of the time the tennis courts only have two players on each court. (6 lights at a 1,000 watts). Your soccer field lights are probably more powerful and there are more of them. The time boxes for the tennis courts are located on the tennis courts---but the timer for the basketball court is actually located in our building. It was probably initially installed on the court at one time----but kids probably vandalized it---so they could keep the lights on all night.

Tony LaFrenier
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