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Saturday, September 27, 2008

BAM! Coffee and a Little Music...

Friday night my wife and I took a short trip over to Alamo Ranch so we could get a cup of coffee from Books A Million then zip into the Mama Margie's drive through for some Fajita Nachos to go. Turns out with your coffee at BAM, you can enjoy some tunes from a nice band playing. I felt like I was in Seattle or even Austin for a minute.Anyway, I didn't catch the name of the band but they were really good. Unlike the people who live a street away from me and insist on practicing at full volume, these guys were able to play, sing (in key) and strangely, they sounded as though they were just enjoying themselves and the appreciation of the small audience, not attempting to over do the National Anthem at a Cowboys game, badly.


Great Northwest News said...

So did you get their name and contact info so we could invite them to play next year for our Summer Nite Concert Series?

Dave said...

No, afraid I didn't. What is the Summer Nite Concert Series?

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