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Monday, September 8, 2008

GNWCIA Annual Luau: Good Time Had By All...

My wife and I joined many neighbors, friends and new acquaintances at a Luau put on by The recreation department of the Great Northwest Community Improvement Association this weekend and I'm here to tell you, we had a blast. This thing has been an annual event for years, and each time we would see the signs posted on the marquees or advertised in the Passages, we just decided it wasn't for us. Well, we couldn't have been more wrong. We had an awesome time and even took a few pictures.The evening started off with several classic numbers reminiscent of Hawaii and the Luau theme by none other than The Great Northwest Sounds. The musical group came dressed for the event in festive Hawaiian styled mu mu's and fetching lei's and flowers. Another great presentation by this all volunteer group.Following The Sounds, DJ Frank got the crowd into the party mood with a wide variety of musical selections from Frank Sinatra, to Garth Brooks to AC/DC and more.I didn't walk around and do an official headcount, but I'm guessing there had to be close to a hundred people, most of whom made great use of the dancing area. I had no idea we have so many excellent dancers. Of course, I was advised by one of my neighbors that I might consider dance lessons before next year's Luau. Meanwhile, local restaurants and catering services provided hungry residents with a complimentary selection of the local dishes - no, not the pu pu platter, but more like the Mexican Plate. Good stuff and special thanks to Casa Posada, Chapparitos and Taqueria El Nortenito. In addition to the Nachos, Chalupas, Taquitos and such, Chairman Richard Garcia got into the act with some grill action for the night. As the dancing continued into the night, folks mingled with one another, met new friends and enjoyed what can only be described as spectacular weather for the poolside event.Next, DJ Frank showed us his Karaoke talent (he really is good) then turned the microphone over to Jose, to show us that, not only is it cool to sing, but it's also cool to well, wear a grass skirt.Many more residents would get up and perform for the crowd and most always, they were greeted with enthusiastic applause and thunderous approval. Okay, not everyone was that great, but not a single tomato was thrown in the direction of the singers.Before we knew it, the party came to a close and we all agreed it was a great way to spend a Saturday Night in the Great Northwest.


Anonymous said...

Dave: Back to your blog "know your audience"...is that woman pole dancing? hahaha

Thanks for the coverage.

Dave said...

I think it's that aerobics program she's on!

Lynne said...

Hi Dave!
Like you, my hubby & I were first-timers at the Luau. We loved it! Even if you didn't karaoke or dance, the people-watching was fantastic. We even met a couple with similar interests & travel stories whom we talked with all night. Who knew!?
I hope the Halloween Masquerade will be just as fun.

Janet said...

Thank you Dave for the very complimentary comments about the performance by the GNW SOUNDS at the Annual GNW Luau 2008.
We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the fellowship of being together with our community just having a fun evening!

Dave said...

Thank you Dave for the very complimentary comments about the performance by the GNW SOUNDS

Thanks for the comment. I try to keep things factual - sorta like, I report, You decide!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynne! I showed up at like 1145, and there were quite a few folks left...looked like fun but I couldn't miss the UFC fight that night! As far as the perp goes< I think i know him...he is good people, maybe just used bad judgement...I think Mr Stone's "know your audience" was spot on but i hope the incident didn't dampen the evening too bad. It didn't seem so to me. Lets not jump to crazy stuff like punishing party goers, cancelling the luau, etc. Its an easy fix, lets fix it and focus on the good time a bunch of folks seemed to have. kudos to the staff for putting it together, but it couldn't have been the same as past years, since it looks like jose forgot his coconut bra???? haha Brian

Dave said...

...i hope the incident didn't dampen the evening too bad. It didn't seem so to me.

Great comment and spot on. I probably didn't make it clear enough that in spite of the one "incident", at least from my point of view and observation, everyone had a wonderful time.

And just so readers who care one way or another, I purposely posted the two separate blog entries for that exact reason; the "incident" was bad by ttself, the party as a whole was great fun.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear! B

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