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Monday, September 15, 2008

Leon Valley Market Days Report...

I had made a mental note (and then called my wife to write it down) to check out the Leon Valley Market Days held the second Saturday of each month. As you would expect, it is supposed to be a gathering of people selling things - sort of like a flea market, but the emphasis seems to be on crafts and such.

This Saturday, we took the short drive to the Leon Valley Conference & Community Center and found that because of the uncertain weather situation and the action in Houston and Galveston, the number of vendors was less than what they usually host.

So, just a few pictures of what we did see, and then you can check out the rest of them on the Flickr page.
I've seen many of these cars at other places, I'm sure. I didn't take the time to go admire each vehicle, but needless to say, there are a few beauties. Inside one of the facilities, there were lots of crafts and such. We enjoyed seeing this creative idea: Spurs purses made out of newspaper clippings and duct tape! That is high fashion!Lots of different crafts that seemed interesting and often, overpriced for my tastes. But isn't that how it always is? Whenever we pass by a particular item of wood working, my wife will say, "Oh, you could make that." I usually think to myself, "Yea, but why?" They had some nicely refinished antiques and lots of beads and candles and other things. In another building, it was more of the same - more handcrafted earrings and beads and stuff that I just don't need.Outside, there were several interesting vendors. We found this trailer from Uncertain Farms in Seguin. I couldn't help but buy some of their Garlic Salsa and I'm here to tell you, it was a hit! (Those are my wife's homemade chips in the bag).And outdoors, there were quite a few vendors selling more crafts and plants and such. The weather was nice and they even had folks selling food and such in case you get hungry. My guess is, when the place is filled with all the vendors who normally show, it is probably worth an hour to wander around and see it all.

Know of a market we need to see? Tell me about it.

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