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Friday, September 5, 2008

Strange on McCullough...

These are the moments I live for... I had some stuff to do downtown this afternoon and found myself on McCullough when stopped at a light, I see this character in front of me.
Oh, you know the first thing I thought of was that guy in Houston with the ladder stuck between the windows of his car. So needless to say, it only gets better when I see the VIA bus up ahead of us.
You should know that, though narrow, McCullough is actually two lanes, so I'm thinking we are going to have a problem when this guy goes to pass the bus.
Strange. All's well that ends well - at least as far as I was going. The oncoming vehicle was turning in front of the bus, so he just waited to let Pipe-Guy pass.

Of course, I'll check the news this evening for a live chopper report over the scene of some unexplainable plumbing disaster.

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