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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Strange in Sugar Land: Houston, we Have a Problem...

I try not to steal other people's Internet stuff and post it here so please don't send me a bunch of goofy pictures (unless you want to), but this was just too rich to not pass on. A guy I work with got this sent to him from a friend who claims to be the taker of the picture. Of course, it seems like everyone says that when they forward e-mails involving unbelievable stories. So, for all I know, this could be a stunt from a movie or a Super Bowl commercial for Home Depot.

According to the "friend", this is on Highway 59 near Sugar Land, TX southeast of Houston, and the pictures were taken about 9AM on Tuesday, the 19th of February.
The guy who took the pictures also says that, yes, the driver was on the cell phone. Strange. Strange that the guy didn't make it to to San Antonio by lunch time.


Albatross said...

Holy crap! That looks scary! Who in their right mind thought that would be a good way to get a ladder home?

I'm so amazed, I'm dizzy.

Blonde Goddess said...

It takes all kinds doesn't it?

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