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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A-Team Action Alert: Saturday, 15 March at 0900

If you live in the Great Northwest and want to hook up with a great group of folks for an hour or several, why don't you make a plan to join us for a little painting and complaining about taggers on Saturday the 15th of March?

If you can't paint, you can always be there for moral support, passing out refreshments, chatting with folks and such. We always need some supervisors!

Here is the note I got from our A-Team Coordinator, Mike Yager:

A-Team Volunteers:

The next Great Northwest A-Team project will be a graffiti clean-up along Timber Path on Saturday, March 15. We will meet at 9:00 a.m. that morning in the parking lot of the Great Northwest Lodge, 8809 Timberwilde, to organize ourselves. The project looks to be a big one, so if you can be available to help for any length of time at all we certainly want to have you there. If you have neighbors or friends who would be interested in helping on this project, please tell them about it. To help with planning, please let me know by the 14th if you will be able to participate.

I am working on getting the supplies we will need from our maintenance director, Fred Murphy. If you want to bring your own brushes and rollers that would be a help, but it is not necessary.

Timber Path was chosen as the focus of this effort because it is one of the major thoroughfares in our community and one of the prime graffiti problem areas. In the unlikely event we are able to make our way all the way down Timber Path in a relatively short time, it would be good to have additional areas to go work on until we decide to quit for the day. Does anyone have any suggestions? If we cannot do these areas on the 15th, we can tackle them at a later date.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.
Mike Yager
A-Team Coordinator

Please consider joining us and also, please let your friends and neighbors know about it.

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