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Monday, March 31, 2008

Car Show Report

I didn't bother to see what the story was - sponsor or supported charity etc, but this past weekend while my wife and I were out and about, we happened upon a little car show of sorts in the parking lot near Northern Tool over off Vance Jackson.

I'm no real motor head or anything like that. To be honest, about the time I learned what it was to have to pay bills, the idea of spending what little cash I had on spiffing up a car was pretty much lost. Before then, I had a '73 Camaro like this one, only a hell of a lot nicer.

Anyway, even if I have lost the urge to tool around town in a muscle car, they certainly are fun to look at, especially when you see what great care the owners have taken to either keep them in shape or restore them to their original grandeur. This is the group of cars we saw. Definitely Mustang heavy - like this awesome Shelby. I love the Mopar!Some guy had a '73 Pantera on display. Wow!

And like I say - lots of Mustangs. Cool cars. And I'm sure at $3.10 a gallon, they are better left on display on weekends rather than making a daily commute.

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Anonymous said...

Dave - When my Father passed away he left me a 1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible. (Lime Green w/white interior) It was my brother-in-laws and he had sold it to my Father in 1971 when he left for Vietnam. Needless to say it was in almost pristine condition other than some front end damage when my brother bumped a mail truck one icy day. 2 years after my Father passed it was still sitting garaged when a passerby noticed it and made my Mother an offer. She just wanted it out of the garage and at the time as far as she was concerned it was just another painful memory. Needless to say, she sold it for a song and the guy made off with it like a thief in the night. I have just never had the heart to tell her she made a huge mistake and a horrible deal "with my car". (sobbing hysterically inside)


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