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Saturday, March 15, 2008

And the Fireball Returns...

Yes, in case we hadn't noticed the air conditioners suddenly powering up from house to house, all you had to do was walk outside around 3PM this afternoon and you would be well aware that the fireball has officially returned to San Antonio. Oh sure, they'll probably be shoveling snow for a few more months up in the northern states, but here, you can feel free to dust off your Speedo's and thongs (I'll be sure to avert my gaze) and lather yourself up with some serious sunscreen, because I get the feeling, it's on!

The good news is, this time of year as the sun begins to fade in the evening, there is the occasional breeze blowing through the trees and along the back porch to take the burn off. This comfortable weather allows those of us who had earlier retreated for the cooler climate of an air conditioned living room and a soft leather recliner in front of the TV to get back with nature and do as the cavemen did - barbecue some chicken and sausage on the gas grill.
And I did. Then I went right back into the comfort of the air conditioned house with ceiling fans spinning to do just as the cavemen also did so many years ago; drink a beer and eat chicken, sausage and potato salad.

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