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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Strange in 78250: Or There Abouts...

I am not here to poke fun at the crippled, injured and less fortunate amongst us, but this is simply too Beverly Hillbilly'ish to not report. I mean, I fully expected Jethro Bodine to be driving this truck.So apparently, someone in the family needs to use one of those motorized chairs. And to get the thing from point A to point B, they have these hoist systems that mount to your vehicle to make transport easy.Yes, I know these things are expensive and not all insurance companies cover the full cost to retrofit your daily driver with one of these but c'mon folks. The strange thing was, with all the extra chains hanging off the back of it, it almost looked as though maybe ol' Granny had been strapped to it. Geeze, I hope she didn't fall off somewhere down Southwest Military Drive!

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