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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lunch Report: Red Robin...

Someone, just bring me one of those huge engine hoists and grab me by the belt loops; that's what it is going to take to get me in and out of my car if I keep this assault on my body up. Thank goodness my wife knows CPR. I should be writing this from a treadmill.

But it was recently my wife's birthday and the people at Red Robin were kind enough to e-mail her one of those buy one get one sort of coupons, so how the heck do you expect me to pass up on that?

I have already told you about how good Red Robin is (read about it here), but since we had our son with us, we finally tried the onion rings we wanted but didn't want to eat the entire order by ourselves.
Wonder no more, these puppies are great. Huge rings fried up just right, not too hard and they breading doesn't fall apart as soon as you touch it. Great stuff there.They serve the rings up stacked with two kinds of sauces, some Ranch and some sort of BBQ and Mayo mixture which was really good. We asked for some of thier own brand of Honey Mustard, and that stuff rocks! Between the the three of us, we made quick work of the onion rings, and if we were smart, health-minded people, we would have simply got up and left.

But there was the burgers to contend with. Every time you go to Red Robin, get something different. They have a huge selection of burgers and this time, my son and I wanted to try what they called the Royal Red Robin Burger. The menuo describes it as "...the aristocrat of all burgers because we crown it with a fresh fried egg. In addition, topped with three strips of hickory-smoked bacon, American cheese, crisp lettuce, tomatoes and mayo."
I never expected to eat a burger with a fried egg on it, but honestly, it was a great taste. I may just start putting eggs on everything, just to see how it comes out.When we were done, our waitress showed up with a fudge sundae for my wife and a group of friends to give the ol' Red Robin version of the birthday song.Yes, we forced the ice cream down our gullets and then waddled ourselves out to the car. If you haven't been over there yet, I promise you, you'll be happy with the selection, the service and the food is simply a Tasty Treat all around.



Anonymous said...

Eva Says:

Holy Red Robin Batman! I am going to have to walk everyday to take the calories off from the weekend. It's salads for the rest of the week for me. I was miserably happy and full all day. Needless to say after a burger like that no dinner was made.

M2 said...

Once again, Dave, you nailed it! Red Robin has quickly become one of our favorite chains, along with Chili's. Occassionally we'll hit a Cracker Barrel or two; but if we can avoid any of the fast food chains and instead stop at one of these great places, it's a good day indeed!

Cheers! M2

Anonymous said...

when burgers tend to be bigger than the plate..fries..longer than your fingers...and onion rings..wide as your wrist...well partner..lets just say...this tasty treat...is worth a week in fasting...hope to try out the fudge sundae next week...next time your in..look for the man with blue spandex..xxl spurs tshirt...and my face attached to the plate...

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