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Friday, April 4, 2008

River Walk Construction Update: Final Four Style

I know, you just got here to San Antonio to enjoy the exciting Final Four action and as you hoisted a few well deserved refreshments at one of the many fabulous watering holes that line our River Walk on this incredible Chamber of Commerce quality day, you asked yourself, "What would I as a tourist do if I were to come back to San Antonio in a few years?" Of course, being the modern tourista, you have come equipped with the Internet on your iPhone or whatever, and you do a quick search and come up with my little space on the WWW where I will now give you the answer to "What will I do in San Antonio next time I visit?" (And mark my words, someone will type in that exact search).

Okay, so you already know about the River Walk. Well, there is more of it to come. And as one of the little projects on my little blog, I have been tracking the construction of a small part of it. I go downtown about once a week for my job and I always try to take pictures of the progress. You can go back and check out older entries and watch how things have progressed.

In just a few years, you will be able to walk more and more of the River Walk. You can even be part of it all by getting a paver in your name. More information on that here.

Anyway, I take pictures from the same two spots each time. I stand on the bridge on McCullough just south of the intersection of North St. Mary's street. I take pictures from both sides of the bridge so you can see the view looking northeast toward Alamo Heights then southwest toward downtown.
Now that you know where I am talking about, here are some pictures. Oh, this is a little added feature: These first four pictures were taken from a different view. I was in a parking lot looking down over the river on the north side.The exciting thing about today's view was that you can actually see where they might begin the landscaping or putting in of plants and such.All the fresh dirt really makes it look like something big is going to happen. Before this time next year, you may find empty margarita glasses and cell phones lying across the bottom of this thing. Yes, I'm just as excited as you are.

So, if you are a regular, there you have the update. If you are a visitor, thanks for coming to San Antonio and we hope you enjoy your time here. And hurry the heck back!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Dave. I miss San Antonio so much that I just explained to the Mrs. that our family will have a paver on the Riverwalk. My family has been making routine visits since the early '70's. SA is easily my favorite place to call home!


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