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Saturday, April 12, 2008

River Walk Construction Update...

It seems like it has been a week or so since I took some happy snaps of motivated workers recorded as parts of history in a small portion of San Antonio's River Walk Construction. Up first, I had to park all the way over on Brooklyn during a short trip downtown, so I figured I'd take some photos from that bridge just to see what is going on there. Click here to see the StreetView.Then, since I had to walk that way, I took a look at the section between Brooklyn and McCullough on the river near North St. Mary's downtown. I really think they are making good progress. These steps on either side of the river seem to be coming right along.And looking back toward downtown, more of the same - lots of progress...And some thirsty river walk builders!

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SunSpotBaby said...

I'm just wondering.... is it going to be safe going along the River Walk - especially at night? We have a river walk here in Detroit and it is never used because you have to park a distance aways and when you come back to your car, it usually has been broken in to and your radio and other personal itmes stolen. So - no one uses it, except the thieves and thugs. And maybe the thug who sits in the mayor's chair...

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