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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Important Bill Report

You've gathered by now that I totally despise taggers or so-called graffiti artists, so to laugh at this totally sends the wrong message. Nevertheless, if you are one of the goons who tags in my neighborhood, I hope you will learn to be a little more humorous in your vandalism like this guy.
Hat tip to Jeff.


Karen said...

First off, Dave: You have a hacker comment right above mine.

Second: I don't have a picture, but as I was heading out for an appointment this morning, I caught sight of some interesting graffiti at the corner of Old Tezel and Gilbeau. Spray painted on the NW corner fence were the words "Old Tezel Needs A Sidewalk." Funny thing was that as I drove down Old Tezel there was this old guy walking in the dirt next to the street. I don't think he was the tagger, but I wouldn't have been surprised!

Dave said...

Yea, Karen, the only bad thing I've found about this Blogger deal so far is that when you publish your blog, it somehow alerts the spammers and such that you have done it. I usually catch the comments before readers like you ever see them, but somehow I missed that one. (If you are reading this and wondering what I'm talking about, the link to spam has been deleted).

I can put on a thing that requires comments to enter a code, but I just hate to do it. If it gets really bad, I guess I'll have to.

I've seen the Old Tezel Road artwork (I have a picture of it, just never have used it). Anyway, I think the taggers were hoping to get some help from the city, but obviously, didn't work out for them.

They should try something fancy like a spokesperson - you know, a picture of Bill Cosby with a bubble coming from his head: Old Tezel needs a sidewalk!

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