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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Creepy Spurs Fan is Back...

Yeesh - this guy can't help himself!As the 4th quarter of the Spurs - Phoenix game is in question, Mr. Drunk Spurs Fan represents San Antonio on National TV via TNT.

Thanks Career Point!


KeithAlanK said...

That guy owns many of the local Valvoline oil-change shops here in SA. He isn't thrilled with the seat location because he doesn't like being on TV all the time.

Albatross said...

Can't he get another seat, some other set of season tickets? Or -- if he really can't stand being on television -- he might think about not going to games anymore.

Just a thought.


Dave said...

Good Lord, I think this guy reads this Blog. I have a reader who offered me a free oil change at any one of his shops.

I think the answer is simple; if he doesn't want to be on TV, get up and go get another beer when they do the two to three close-up shots during the game. And if he doesn't want to move, act normal. No need for goofy faces or thumbs up!

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