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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Postal Report: Forget the Rain, Sleet or Snow - Fire!

You know that old deal about the US Postal Service and the slogan "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds", yea, well that ain't really their slogan. But if it were official, they could add Fire to the motto.

Turns out some semi-junk mail of mine was caught up in an accident involving a mail truck on the way to San Antonio which resulted in a fire of some sort. The USPS folks recovered all the mail that wasn't burnt to a crisp, and stuck each charred item in an envelope with an explanation and got it to the rightful recipients.
Now silly me, I thought it was some sort of marketing ploy when I looked through the clear envelop and saw the charred edges of my mail, so I opened it. Now, my office pretty much smells like my wife tried to burn the place down.

But, good on the Postal folks anyway. It could have been a check from Ed McMahon or something important, so I'm glad they got it to me, still moist from the fire department and charred from the fire. Oh, and I hope the driver is okay.


Albatross said...

Hah! I remember that USPS truck crash, and I wondered at the time if any of my mail had been on board. It's good to see the Post Office trying to make sure you get your mail, even if it is a little damaged.

I'm linking to this!

Anonymous said...

I once received a similar envelope. Inside was a 7-year-old Sears Christmas catalog that had been found behind a piece of Post Office equipment that was being replaced.

Anonymous said...

so obvious..the irs must of sent it to remind you of something??..the only things that are sure in this life is death..and the f.. taxes..you cant hide..haha...burn..ahuh in hell..they(irs) will try any ploy to get the mail to ya..

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave I know how your package got destroyed by the USPS. 1. The package went through the Dallas BMC. 2. Your package was NOT labeled as Non-Machinable ( NMO ). 3. It was probably dumped on a service belt instead of sorted by hand seems this moves the mail faster and most large parcels get damaged by NOT being sorted by hand. 4. If you would have sent this package as Priority Mail it would of By Passed the Dallas BMC and been sorted by hand and not damaged on its arrival to your daughters home. 5. The reason I know this is I work at the Jacksonville BMC and see this situation happen daily, thats why I never send ANYTHING Parcel Post, It's Priority Mail Only for me. It may cost more but my packages arrive with No damages.

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