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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Snack Report: Po-Po's Jerky...

Is there no food item that I will not toss down my gullet then report my findings? I think not! And just the other day at work, I was the beneficiary of some mighty fine luck in that a co-worker had an unplanned layover in the Houston Airport and encountered a man selling beef jerky. Not just any beef jerky, but his own Po-Po's Old West Style Beef Jerky.

Now I must tell you that I'm not a huge fan of beef jerky, mostly because of the jerky part of the situation. I just don't like the idea that most beef jerky seems like leather to me. Oh sure, people spice it up or make it some sort of special flavor, but my usual complaint (aside from the cost) is the fact that it is tough.
This Po-Po's was like biting into a tender piece of steak. It almost felt moist and juicy as opposed to what I have experienced before. The flavor was incredible with a perfect blend of spices.

Now here is the deal; this guy doesn't seem to have a web site to sell his product, but he told my colleague that his family members sell the stuff out at Bussey's Flea Market. I sent him an e-mail and sure enough, he tells me that you can buy it from his brother out of the office there. Needless to say, I'm gonna have to make a trip out there to see if I can round up another pouch.
We went through an 8 ounce bag of the stuff in less time than it takes to spot a chubby girl at Curves. It wasn't until I read the nutrition information that we had just consumed 4 servings apiece at a rate of one a minute. Seriously, that was some good stuff!

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