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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seymour Destruction: Five Oh Style...

I had written a few times about the Reverend Seymour Perkins, an artist of sorts and a counselor to the addicted, who has been a fixture on San Antonio's near East Side. Aside from the story making the news due to Rev. Perkins popularity, I wondered if this type of thing happened in "normal neighborhoods". Well look no more, code compliance has made its way to the Five Oh.

Here's the short version: Some folks attempted to build a house in the neighborhood and stopped before it was complete. Hood rats made their way into the empty dwelling and commenced to tag things up, smoke the chronic and pork one another without regard for paying taxes or meeting the minimal requirements of the deed restrictions of our HOA. Following a year of bureaucracy, it was on the owners to tear down the house. We learned that the owners had built a cement frickin' house, roof included. WTF? I get cement floors and cement walls, but cement ceilings and roofs? Nice shingles, dumbass!
Talk about Strange in 78250.So here we go. The order comes down to demolish the house and the owner/builder gets started by cutting out portions of the roof. The cement roof. And now we have an unstable situation. Heaven forbid a handful of teens go into this house to tag the place and it fall on them. Well, let me try that again. Heaven forbid an innocent person find them self in that abandon house and it fall on them.So as you might imagine, lots of folks want this place torn down, and now! And I mean with the same interest that the city and the media has going for the Seymour Perkins place.Turns out, demolition was underway today, Saturday. And here are your pictures.Rest easy, you shan't see any artwork here, and apparently, no cheap hookers. Perhaps we need an art district in the Five Oh.


Albatross said...

Concrete roof? Metal, I can understand, but concrete?

That's strange.

I'm linking to this.

Dave said...

Yea. My wife has this theory about concrete roofs; drug money! I suppose that would keep people from sneaking in through the roof.

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