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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Texas Comforts Oklahoma...

This is simply too enormously funny not to post here, given that the uncle of the star (the Texas girl, not the Oklahoma girl) is none other than the niece of our Mission Trace correspondent, Sid Seidenberger. Her name is Lindsay and we originally told you about her here.

Sid gives us some insight on the video:

Yes, this is Lindsay in the response video to the original CRYING SORORITY GIRL video.

This video TEXAS COMFORTS OKLAHOMA was made by a production company, Rooster Teeth, based in Austin. She was given a script to read, Rooster Teeth spliced and edited the original Oklahoma girl video, and Lindsay became the Texas girl in the video response, which took a turn toward the sports rivalry between Texas and OU.

If you have not seen the original Crying Sorority Girl on YouTube, it is actually pretty cruel (but I confess to laughing, since I don't know the girl). This version with Lindsay is by far a lot better use of the footage.

Here it is:


Albatross said...

Great stuff!

Hook 'em Horns!

M2 said...

Hey, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, USC...it doesn't matter. Any and all of them would have fallen to the dominant University of Florida. OU just got the "honor" of being the one to lose to the Gators, the rest have the luxury of fantasizing that they could have won that game; but the reality is that the Gators would have shut down whoever they would have played.

And be prepared to be spanked again by UF next year...Tebow is coming back as is most of the team. It is going to be back-to-back National Championships, and three out of the last four years, for Florida!

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