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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Comparison Report: TRH vs. Stockyards...

Yesterday, we took my daughter and son-in-law to Texas Road House to get a bite to eat for lunch. They have a TRH up in New Jersey, but according to them, while good, the steak definitely tastes different compared to real Texas beef. I have always sort of questioned that. I mean, you'd think that beef is beef, or that chain restaurants would do some sort of quality control thing to make sure it is as good in one state as another. Can you really tell the difference between a McDonald's or Burger King hamburger from one city or state to the next? I doubt it. But, if it makes my daughter feel better to get the real thing while she visits San Antonio, who am I to pass on a trip to TRH?

So anyway, it was while we were getting our TRH on, it occurred to me just how much better in appearance things looked compared to what we had at The Stockyards.
First, Look at the Stockyards House Salad on the left and the TRH House Salad on the right. Notice the croutons and the size. TRH is way better.Next, look at the baked potatoes, both served loaded. Stockyards on the left (and yea, no butter), and then TRH on the right (you may ignore my ribs). Look at the salt on the skin. I swear, the TRH baked potato is so much more delicious, and the appearance just makes you want to dig in.Finally, ignore the potatoes and look at the Stockyards steak on the left. I know, it would surely do in a pinch. And on the left, this is the TRH steak my son-in-law ordered. If you can see beneath the onions, you will note the darker color and inviting appearance. And having tasted both, I can tell you hands down, TRH is far better.

Oh, and finally, cost? Four of us ate at TRH for $11 less than what my wife and I paid at The Stockyards.

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elcommandante said...

Love the side by side comparisons. Would like to see this trend continue! Happy New Year.

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