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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Interesting Sightings Near 78250....

There is really nothing strange about this; I trust it is a legal hunting season after all. We were just minutes away from civilization out on Bandera Road today purchasing some firewood for our backyard fireplace when I pulled in behind this Hummer.Yea, apparently Santa is gonna need a replacement before next December.

There was also nothing really strange about this either, but it made us giggle. Driving down Tezel Road today, I pulled in behind this Student Driver who was going about 20 MPH. Remembering when my own kids attended driving school, I was cautious not to get too close just for fear of making the kid nervous. But I needed to be in that lane in order to make a turn within a few streets (though admittedly, at 20 MPH, it was going to be a while).
Anyway, I really should have pulled out the video camera and started taping. First, the car was weaving into the other lane like perhaps the student driver had been given several beers before the drive. You could see the instructor with his arm out the window (which I think is a no-no) gripping the molding on the door of the car as perhaps a way of not strangling the young driver.

Then, as we approached the intersection of Tezel and Timber Ranch where I was turning, mind you, still at 20 MPH, the light turned yellow. There was plenty of room to stop, but I was thinking, maybe the instructor was telling the student that sometimes, it makes sense to go through the yellow light rather than force the person behind you to have to slam on their brakes. Who knows? I'm just guessing here.

So anyway, the light turns red and still, at a full 20 MPH, the student casually rolls through the intersection and only then when we see the instructor in the passenger side flapping his arms about do we see a hint of brake lights come from the vehicle.

Good times. I suppose that is why the cars are equipped with those big signs.


Albatross said...

Wow! That's a huge rack on that deer! That's enough to give anyone buck fever!

Lynne said...

I was admiring those antlers, too, Albatross! My guess is a 9 or 10 point. Nice bag.

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