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Monday, January 26, 2009

Important TV Viewing Report: PINK, Chelsea, Howie...

I mentioned not too far back that I was using Hulu via my laptop to keep my mind occupied while I walk on the treadmill. This has opened up an opportunity to consider some new shows worthy of a gander, a few minutes at a time.

The way it works is (as if you people didn't know this years ago), you go through the web page looking for shows or clips or full movies and such, then you add them to your queue. So, aside from a few commercials, the shows you select play one right after another.

I realized that I don't walk long enough to watch an entire movie, and to be honest, when I started looking at the half hour TV shows, I didn't see anything that would motivate me to walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes. Finally, I decided to start with a bunch of clips. Of course, I had to see all the Family Guy clips and the SNL Digital Shorts, but at some point, I decided to expand my horizons and find something new.

I found something called PINK. I know what you are thinking; with a name like that it must involve s-e-x! Actually, the show is about a lady who is a government hit lady. In spite of the frustratingly short webisodes (less than 5 minutes each), we learn that the lady named Nate (Natalie Cross) was brought up by her father, a former Delta operator, to be a trained killer. Pink refers to "pink mist" and who doesn't like the sight of that? If you have never watched a Web Series, this one is pretty spiffy. I especially like the production quality.

Another series of clips I have been watching are of this lady named Chelsea Handler. I know, she has been around for a while but I can't say that E Television is on my standard line-up (though I'm a long time fan of Talk Soup whenever I remember to watch it). Anyway, I doubt I would sit down and watch this lady for a full half-hour (or how ever long her show is), but I do enjoy the clips on Hulu of her closing remarks. Funny stuff. Oh, and as a bonus, she has a small Hispanic man named Chuy who is, a little person. I know it isn't right to admit it, but I think all talk shows with a little person tend to be funnier. And that is just wrong.

Finally, we have added a new show to our regular TV rotation called Howie Do It. I admit that at first, I thought it was a crappy knock-off of Candid Camera (which, of course, it is), but these hidden camera pranks are seriously funny. Okay, some of them are anyway. Of course, Howie Mandel is the star but he is not afraid to let other people run the prank. We watched one prank that had tears rolling down my cheeks from laughter. He has this man on the street sort of guy interviewing people but getting awkwardly close to them. In one scene, the interviewer is asking a huge biker dude about the economy or something while he gives him Eskimo kisses. You know, rubbing his nose on the other guy's nose. The same guy was giving another interview little kisses on the cheek and then would apologize and the guy kept saying, "It's okay." Funny, funny stuff.

Anyway, there you have it; three new shows or webisodes you may want to check out.

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Blonde Goddess said...

Mr.Man and I watch Chelsea Lately regularly. We love it!
(We are bad, BAD people...LOL)

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