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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Timber Path is Now Closed!

Yep, we got the warning and everyone should have been ready to alter their commute beginning this Monday. Timber Path is officially closed so construction of a new bridge could take place.

If you are wondering where I'm talking about, here is a tiny little video to take you down memory lane. I know some of you may shed a tear when you recall the much easier days of cutting off a good chunk of the morning traffic at Culebra/Tezel/Grissom. Take a moment to compose yourself, and we can move on.

But, in spite of the fact that we motorists prepared ourselves, the road people didn't. This morning, I thought I would give Culebra a chance by getting on at the turn lane from Grissom Road. Bad move. Apparently, the people who control the lights have decided that there is only enough need for a protected turn signal to allow three cars (and that is if the first two are really ready to go) through the light at a time. I sat at about number 25 or 30 in line, backed up all the way to Timberwilde.

So, I gave it a few cycles of the light and got out of line and went all the way across Culebra/Tezel and basically turned around to approach from the opposite direction. I suspect tomorrow, just for grins, I'll give the Old Grissom way a little try-out.

I wonder if my company would arrange for a helicopter to get me to work?


Anon E. Mouse said...

I wondered if that would happen. They need to adjust that light for this duration. I think I'll use Old Grissom Rd, or take Timber Path up to Tezel Rd, and then a straight shot across to Culebra Rd toward Loop 410, rather than waiting for a turn lane signal.

Dave said...

I guess I'll try Old Grissom tomorrow morning to gauge it. I also thought of actually bypassing Tezel and going all the way down the other side of Timber Path to where that Valero is and getting onto Culebra from that direction.

AlanDP said...

They really did need to fix that bridge, though. That thing flooded every time someone spit in the creek.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Dave, I'm taking it when you used this turn light it was that Monday when it was super crappy outside; cold and rainy. It's actually an issue with the weather more than the added traffic due to the road closure (although I'm sure it does not help the situation). I take this way daily and any time it is cold and wet, that turn light fails to work. Typically 2-3 cars make it through the light. Try cutting through KFC and turning out from Little Ceasers. It's illegal I'm sure but it sure beats sitting there for 30 mins plus while only a couple cars get through and most the time those cars are the slowest moving people ever! Good luck

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