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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Bread Report: Baby I'ma Want You... (sorry)

We received a spiffy little bread sized cutting board complete with bread mix kit for Christmas this year and decided to give it a try today. As we were getting ready, my wife came up with a list of items needed from HEB and we decided while there, to buy another bread mix and make two. Then, on our way home, we saw a garage sale that we had to stop at, and guess what we found? A bread maker for $10!So, with two bread mixes, we decided to make them both at the same time but one using the machine and one by hand. Here is what happened.First, the bread machine way. You add in a cup of water into the little cooking thing, then pour in the full box of mix on top of it.Next, toss in the butter followed by the yeast that comes with the mix.

Finally, toss the whole thing into the bread making machine, and several hours later, it is done. I'll show you the finished bread in just a minute.
Now, the hand made method. First wash your hands and get the area cleaned off because this involves some serious action.You have to mix half of the bread mix with the water and the yeast packet.Then, as you mix it, you'll add in the rest of the bread mix little by little. It starts to get tough to mix, quick.Then, get to kneading. I have to be honest, I didn't realize I would have to do this for 12 minutes and suddenly, I felt like I was the bread making guy on one of those Spanish Novellas. I thought of taking my shirt off! I'm sure you appreciate my restraint.After all the kneading, the dough was well oiled, and placed in a covered bowl to rise for an hour.After that, it was shaped into a loaf pan and covered for another 45 minutes worth of rising.Finally, in the oven at 400 for 30 minutes.And it is ready to serve!And what about our bread in the bread maker? It was definitely a lot easier to mix, toss in the machine and cook, and as you can see, it came out very nicely done. But it actually took about half an hour longer in total time.

We enjoyed the taste of both breads, but the hand made one was a Honey Wheat Berry while the Bread Machine was a Honey Wheat. The one from the machine will be perfect for slathering on a tub of mayonnaise, some mustard and several hunks of ham in order to make a heart healthy sandwich for lunch. The Honey Wheat Berry is perfect for slathering on some hot melted butter and enjoying with dinner.

Needles to say, we'll be doing some more experimenting. Got any bread recipes? You should send them to me so we can give 'em a shot.


Anonymous said...

somehow..i think that you could continue baking..with the shirt on..but unless you..say..gain an accent..like juan..from my novela..then...yeah...butter...and jelly...but not on the belly....nena

KeithAlanK said...

I think I would drop $20-30 for a garage sale bread making machine.
A friend has one and the results are always perfect and there's less work and mess.
Plus, your oven is free for the main course so if you time it right ohmygod.

Anyone else get mad when they start yelling "Hot French Bread!" at HEB and you know you aren't going to buy one but have to smell it anyway?
And what is up with the morons who squeeze every single loaf in the rack before they decide on the very first one? They're all the same, cooked by the same people at the same time from the same ingredients in the same ovens and stuffed into the same bag.
Stop molesting everyone else's hot french bread!

Dave said...

Stop molesting everyone else's hot french bread!

And lady, please don't squeeze the Charmin!

Blonde Goddess said...

I'll email you my Swedish Rye bread recipe. AND my oatmeal bread recipe. Maybe my honey whole wheat if you're especially good.
Give me a few days to get a minute to type it up.

Fallen Angel said...

BTW, the kitchen looks marvelous...from out of the ashes, eh?

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