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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day Report: Polar Bear Swim...

In spite of an exceptionally festive and enjoyable New Year's Eve celebration last night, we were up this morning at a reasonable hour and headed down to the Lodge of the Great Northwest and the Silver Creek pool to witness the spectacle that is the Annual Polar Bear Swim.I recognized quite a few swimmers from previous years, clearly people who are not afraid of the near freezing (okay, 52 degree) water. I may have made boastful suggestions that I too would participate in the event during the New Years Eve celebration, but as the noon hour approached, the temperature at 55 degrees had a sobering effect on my decision process. In other words, as my wife might say, I chickened out again.But to those folks participating and to their proud families and neighbors lining the pool, it was another reason why living in this community is so enjoyable.Master of Ceremonies, Jose Morlett prepared the swimmers with instructions while getting the spectators in the crowd into the mood for some splishing and splashing.Meanwhile, members of the local media stood by with cameras rolling and microphones poised to interview the chilly swimmers.At the strike of noon, the first wave of swimmers were off into the cold water and on their way toward warm towels, commemorative t-shirts and cups of hot chocolate inside the lodge.The second wave of swimmers included several brave participants from the first round. Maybe we'll have to start having winter season at the pool if this many people are such fans of the chilly temps!Finally, Silver Creek's first resident, Miss Olivia made an impressive dip of her own, though opting for a much shorter distance. Seniority has its perks!When all the swimmers had gotten the brisk swim out of their systems, Jose made himself available to awaiting reporters eager for details of the history of The Great Northwest and the rich traditions we enjoy.

Need to see more pictures and video of the Polar Bear Swim? Head to Flickr!


Anon E. Mouse said...

Great report and editing on the video clips!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the photos. Thanks.
Lydia G.

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