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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Bread Update: European Cheese & Herb...

My wife and I were in the HEB Plus yesterday and I stopped on the aisle where they showcase the selection of bread mixes. Okay, not really much of a selection at all - in fact, the one we really liked on the first go round, the Honey Wheat Berry was not there. So, I grabbed a European Cheese and Herb mix and gave it a whirl this morning.We were out at Jim's for a late breakfast and when we came home, opened up the house to an incredible smell of hot bread goodness. I'm guessing that the bread machine must have finished within minutes of our return. Look at how the bread rose up over the top of the container.And this is the finished product. If we were not so overly stuffed from pancakes at Jim's, I'd give it an immediate taste test, but I suppose it can wait a bit.

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