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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do They Call it a Chinese Restaurant, if You Are in China?

My sister Susan e-mailed me from the comfort of her warm home in Minnesota (they hope to have a high in the 20's this weekend) to tell me about a friend of hers who sent an Internets Message from a trip to China. She knows I enjoy a Tasty Treat from different restaurants, and her friend sent some impressive pictures to tempt our collective taste buds. I know you'll drool.

Her friend Ron reports from
Nansha Panyu Guang Dong Province:

The meal today was good, a little more sea food than I like however it is better than the chicken feet soup.
I just love hot Pot. This is a little hole in the wall joint off the back streets off Nansha Panyu Guang Dong Province, China. The service was great the food was good and you didn't have to rinse your utensils off with your tea before using them, this is a good sign dinner was going to be good. They also had Ice, not much, however I did not have to drink Coke warmer than my tea. For those who have never had hot pot, you don't just sit down and eat, it is a process and takes around a hour and a half to two hours to eat if done correct.

There are different styles, single serving and family style, this is single serving. I will be eating family style tomorrow when in Shenzhen

They bring your pot and add a broth. While this is heating up you go to a area that has about 10 different sauces and spices and you mix what you desire for dipping your stuff into. I choose sowee sauce, wasabe, green onions, hot chili peppers, garlic and a touch of ginger. They bring out your vegetables, every vegetable you could think of and some I had no idea what they were. You start adding some of this to your boiling broth and than bring out the sea food and meat and you cook a little at a time and each time you want more you dip the meat into the boiling contraption until cooked to desired taste. You dip the veggies and meet in the sauce you made a wala. You drink the broth afterward like a soup. I think you get the picture.

I did get another souvenir pair of chop sticks from this fine establishment. If you are not aware I collect Chop sticks from the Chinese restaurants I have ate at in china and want to remember the dinning experience
It all looks pretty Cajun to me. Imagine trying to eat with those crawdads and their eyes staring right up at you. I'd have to ask for a spring roll and some flied lice and leave it at that.

Got any exotic lunch reports? Ever had chicken feet soup? Ever have some hot pot and pass a pee test afterward? Tell me about it.

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Susan B said...

Re: the 'getting up to 20 this weekend'- the weatherman told us we were going to have a 'mild up' to 10 above yesterday (but it would still feel a little cool because of the wind chill). Sorry to report we woke up to a -29 temperature, and it only milded up to 2 above. Still, a 31 degree warm up; that's not too bad.

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