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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Chinese Vittles...

My sister sent me another batch of pictures from her friend visiting in China. I won't disturb you with the full selection but there were two pictures in particular that I thought might make for a festive treat.I understand this to be purple rice. I know; I nearly licked the screen myself.This dish would be what I would serve if I were to start one of those weight watchers companies that guaranteed you to lose weight - in a hurry. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and two appetizing snacks a day. Combined with a moderate exercise program and plenty of water, you will be fitting into those old jeans in no time.

I tend to enjoy the more Americanized versions of Asian foods. When I was stationed in Korea, I used to purchase a bag of deep fried Yakimandu and eat them on the way home back to the base. It would always burn the roof of my mouth and make me feel pretty queasy the next day, but I sure do miss that stuff. And when we go to Happy Guy, I like that really spicy General Tso's chicken. In either case, the food doesn't look back at me, and I appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes... Good 'ol Yakimandu. I would intentionally save my last few won of the evening just so I could get a bag for the death march home. Nothing like walking the base the next morning only to find it littered with greasy Yaki bags and "chicken"-on-a-stick sticks. Remember to break the sticks, or else they might use them again!

I was visiting Songtan a few months back and had me some Yaki, just like old times, it has not changed a bit!

I second Happy Guy's General Tso's chicken, it is much spicier and tastier than House of Pizza's.

Anonymous said...

One more thing...

Forgot to include this link. I took this picture while wondering around Songtan. This was taken in September 2008.


Dave said...

I took this picture while wondering around Songtan.

How awesome is that? I always knew Mike Yuchnitz was a snappy dresser; now I see where he gets his custom threads from.

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