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Sunday, January 18, 2009

GNW Soccer Fields... If You Sod it, ...

When I joined the Air Force back in 1982, Texas seemed pretty darn hot to me. They had this system of flags so you would know if it was safe to get out of training due to the heat. A Red Flag indicated that some competent medical authority had determined that it was entirely too hot for people to be marching in formation, so instead, we would simply "walk in formation". I know; you'd have to be a general officer to understand the difference, so don't feel bad. More importantly, I don't think our service folk in Iraq get the benefit of a red flag in spite of 117 degree temps in full battle-rattle. Good times.So as I drove by the soccer fields in Silver Creek and saw a red flag hoisted, I looked at the temperature gauge in my truck and saw it was a balmy 42 degrees, hardly weather that would cause one to suspend a little marching. Turns out that the red flag actually is an indicator that the fields are closed.As part of the preparation for the next soccer season, our maintenance staff is working to install new grass on the fields. In previous years, the fields have simply been seeded, and while they looked nice, the amount of use they get called for something a little more durable.
It took about 120 pallets of grass to cover the two soccer fields and several days to lay the sod, roll it and mulch it. with some water and the change in weather that will come with start of the soccer season in a few months, the kids will be treated to a spiffy new playing surface.In the mean time, there were some drainage issues causing water to run off of the parking lot and onto one of the fields that would result in flooding. The crews laying the sod created a small berm that will force the running water in a different direction so it can be absorbed without flooding the field.

Finally, the staff hopes to have all the soccer goals repainted and ready for the opening of the season which will make everything clean, dry and serviceable!

Look for more projects including the resurfacing of the tennis and basketball courts coming in the near future.


Anonymous said...

.......juan ..from the novela .....better watch out...now thats a loaf of bread........

Anonymous said...

So you were told to "Sod Off" ??

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