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Friday, October 5, 2007

Looking for fun? Consider a Play in San Marcos...

This is sort of a public service announcement for those of you seeking something entertaining to do this weekend...

My good friend Sid, our Mission Trace Correspondent and often caretaker of Baby the Swan, reports that his niece Lindsay is currently appearing in a stage production of Oscar Wilde's THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST at the Mainstage Theater at Texas State University.

Interested but not sure what it might be about? Well,
according to the web page, "Oscar Wilde's comedic masterpiece satirizes English society in the late Victorian era. The plot follows the exploits of two wealthy young men who pretend their names are Ernest in order to impress their beloveds. One, Jack Worthing, is a foundling and cannot marry his love until he produces an acceptable parent. His future mother-in-law, Lady Bracknell, tells him, "To lose one parent, Mr. Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness." Audiences have loved this play since it opened in 1895, and many critics consider it the wittiest play in the English language."

Unfortunately, my wife and I can't make it but in the event that you feel the need for a little comedy and/or culture, get up there and cheer young Lindsay on. And, if you see an Australian Black Swan wandering around in the parking lot, look for Sid!


Albatross said...

'Tis indeed a witty play, though I've actually read it and haven't seen it stage.

Albatross said...

D'oh! Make that "staged."

Must remember, always preview, always preview, always preview ----

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