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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mystery Report: Solved...

We had speculated about the new construction taking place in front of the gas pumps at the HEB on the Grissom/Culebra/Tezel intersection with my wife hoping (and praying actually) for a Starbucks.

Now it is pretty obvious. And I say, thank goodness for a new automated car wash.

I usually hit the car wash at the HEB on 1604 and Culebra at least twice a month, so this one will be a little closer for me. In fairness though, I also do a lot of vacuuming and occasional heavy duty scrubbing at the self-serve car wash on Tezel near Timber Path.


Lee said...

...and the other new construction appears to be a new CHASE BANK building, because I found another one under construction on Walzem Road (at Montgomery Drive) that looks identical to this design of a building. Just what we needed, another new branch bank. Doesn't Chase already have another branch 2 miles down the street by the other HEB at Culebra and 1604? Rhetorical question, of course they do. Washington Mutual did the same, opened a branch at Tezel & Culebra by the Subway, and they also have one down at 1604 & Culebra. Go figure!

Sid said...

Holy matrimony! Last Saturday evening I had to attend a 7p.m. wedding at St. Anthony Claret just a little outside 1604 on Culebra Rd. I left Wurzbach/Vance Jackson area at 6:15p.m. to get on 1604 at the I-10/1604 interchange. Nobody told me that I'd need to pack a lunch to get there! 1604 was a parking lot... on a Saturday nite! I shudder to think of it on a weekday during rush hour! I did not know that there were traffic light on Loop 1604. Some I sat through twice, just praying to get me to the church on time. 45 minutes to get there! Can you believe it! I would go stir-crazy if I had to commute that route everyday. Unbelievable! When in the heck are they going to alleviate that situation? Pity the GNW residents who must deal with it daily.

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