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Monday, October 22, 2007

Vegan Dog Report: Panda and Celery...

Every once in a while, Pet Parents do some really humiliating things to their poor pet children.

Writing that actually made me cringe.

We don't consider ourselves "Pet Parents" and I find it ridiculous that people pack up Scruffy and take him with them shopping at PetSmart. Please people; leave Scruffy at home so he can chew on your furniture and soil your carpets like normal animals do.

But even if we are just normal dog owners, we still tend to do goofy things that no dog should have to endure.

For instance, there was the time my wife bought a little doggy sweater from a garage sale and she forced Panda to wear it. Just look at the sheer embarrassment on her face. Thankfully, she doesn't attend school, or all the other dogs would have hounded her relentlessly. Hounded, I say.

So I was quietly sitting in my office catching up on a few blogs when suddenly, my wife was calling my daughter,
long distance no less, so she could listen to the crunching sound that a little defenseless dog makes when you try to force her into being a vegan.

I must confess that celery does make a rather crunchy sound, especially when a little dog is going to town to consume any evidence that might take away from her credibility as a hunter of squirrels and cats.

*Attention PETA: No pets or parents were harmed in the making of this Blog entry.


Blonde Goddess said...

Aww...the humiliation of having to wear a dog sweater...

My oldest daughter used to dress her kitten up in doll dresses and wheel her around in a baby carriage.
The stupid cat loved it. I wish now that I'd taken pictures but who thinks about doing something like that when it's an everyday occurrence?

My cat eats green beans, but not celery...I guess pets have their quirks too.

katehopeeden said...

I have a wee little doggy too, her name is Chica. And I truly believe she'd rather have a truly humiliating sweater than freeze her little butt off when she goes outside during the winter.

Humiliating sweaters aside, she loves her Hard Rock Cafe: Mexico shirt.
She loves it :)


Dave said...

Chica looks like a little hoochie with that sweater! I hope she's fixed!

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