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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trip Report: Dayton...

I had to make a short run up to Dayton but should be in place ready for note taking duties at the GNWCIA meeting Thursday evening. I hope to see you there!
This is what it looks like high above the US. It could be over Texas or Ohio or anywhere in between to be honest, I wasn't really paying attention when I took the picture.But for those of you with no idea what Ohio looks like from the air, this is it. Lots of farmland, and really, lots of beautiful homes and farms.
I lived in Dayton when I was a kid - 4th through 6th grade. So, I took a drive through the old neighborhood I lived in called Page Manor. All of the homes were leveled years ago, and now, it has been rebuilt with new base housing. In fact, this picture (above) is a side view of where I used to live. What is now clearly the backyard of several homes was actually the front yard of our home.
And this is the school I attended, Page Manor Elementary. Now, it seems to be some sort of community center. But it does look as though it has been renovated since 1975!
When I was a kid, my parents would take us to the Wright Brother's Memorial. Yes, first flight may have been at Kittyhawk, but Dayton is where the Wright Brothers made bikes and built planes.In the winter, we would sled down this hill when it snowed. It seemed a lot steeper at the time.
I'm staying at a place called Hope Hotel. It is named to honor Bob Hope for all of his service to the USO.I had dinner in Paky's Sports Bar. Paky was the name Bob Hope used as a boxing name. Yes, he actually boxed!

I saw some old retired guys visiting Dayton to see the Air Force Museum. One of the men was having some onion rings that looked really, really good.
So I got an order and some chicken wings that were on special. But, little did I know, they had shared the rings between three of them.
Holy Crap! There were enough onion rings for a group. And the wings were, well, a little tough, and the honey was pooling! I couldn't finish half of it all, but I'd have taken the onion rings in my luggage if I thought they would make it. They get the full Tasty Treat score, but I'll skip the wings next time.

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