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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Strange in 78250: Who Needs a Mega-Church?

Here in 78250, we don't require one of those big ol' mega-church deals like they got up in Stone Oak. Nope, no need for off-duty police to direct traffic as we get an earful of fire and brimstone.

In fact, we don't have to even park and get out of the car. We got our own street corner preacher who can yell at you to repent if you happen to slip through the light just after it turns red.

This guy may not live in The Dominion, but I can tell you this, he is good at what he does.

I've seen him preach here from time to time.
He doesn't seem to take donations (hence, the lack of the Hagee-like Dominion domicile), but he is always quick with a smile. Some people who need a good saving will get quite a crazed stare from him.

Strange how he seems to know...


Blonde Goddess said...

I once had a run in with a self proclaimed preacher in the parking lot at K-Mart.
After he accosted me and accused me of being the devils' whore, he walked over to a biker dude who probably kicker his ass for getting in his face and yelling "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!!!"

I don't know...I didn't stay to watch.

I suppose street preaching is a hazardous profession by nature.

He was preaching out of a black address book too...is that allowed?

Dave said...

Preaching at a K-Mart parking lot.

Do you suppose he was thinking something along the lines of "Every time the flashing blue light goes on, an angel gets their wings"?

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