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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Unfortunate Name Report: Cocula Mexican Restaurant

I know this is quite immature of me, but just the other day, I had cause to drive down S. Flores until it turned into Roosevelt Ave on San Antonio's South Side. Purely by chance, I encountered something that surely, even today 12 year-olds might still find humorous. Cocula Jalisco Mexican Restaurant.

What do you suppose their lunch special is, The Big Chorizo?

Feel free to leave your equally immature comments. I think I'll go send a quick e-mail to Council-woman Diane Cibrian; If Boobie Rock is too much for her, this Cocula thing has got to go.

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SAtexan said...

Taco Cabana had a summer speciality with all the tv commercial hype for their latest creation. Word has it that one Taco Cabana on the NE side of town had their marquee pushing their new menu item with plenty of hungry fellas flocking in to fulfill their food fantasies. Imagine Cibrian's reaction had she driven past this one: HAPPINESS IS WARM PAPUSA! EAT ONE TODAY!

Cibrian would have had a field day with this one!

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