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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Historical Marker Report: The Pope in Westover...

We just took a trip over to the HEB Plus on Potranco to grab some fruit and such when we remembered that a new memorial had been built, recognizing the fact that Pope John Paul II had made a trip to San Antonio and spoke before an assembled crowd of 350,000 people in Westover Hills. So, we stopped in and took a gander.

I thought it was pretty clever of Northside ISD to choose the name of the high school there as John Paul Stevens (after the Justice) but have it also fit John Paul (the pope) since the school and the memorial are on the same spot. Hopefully, some numbnuts won't try to file a suit claiming something to do with church and state and school prayer and such.

Anyway, if you thought about going by, this is what you can expect.

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Lee said...

I worked that visit as a radio volunteer for the parade that was held in downtown SA. That was a huge event, and I remember when the call came over the radio to evacuate the Westover Hills function because of the storms moving into the area with the high winds. They made off the stage just in time, cause the stage blew down shortly thereafter.

The Pope was riding in his "Pope mobile", standing up with clear bullet proof lexan (or whatever) surrounding him. Hope his A/C was working, cause that bubble would have been really hot, really quick.

I learned how not to give directions in downtown SA that day. The security guard stationed at the bank parking lot near the corner I was assigned (I was standing over in the shady area), told inquiring tourists looking for the Alamo, to "go 5 blocks and turn left, You can't miss it." He then told me that it wasn't in his job description to give directions, and that "5 blocks, etc" got them out of his hair without backing up traffic to badly. What a jerk!

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