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Monday, October 8, 2007

Lunch Report: Sea Island - The Good One

You may recall a while back, I gave a report on lunch my wife and I had at the Sea Island at Bandera Pointe near 1604. I wasn't really impressed with the quality that time around. Well, here is an update: Go to the Sea Island at Loop 410 near Ingram Park Mall.

What with it being Columbus Day and such, I took a half-day off work and celebrated this holiday with lunch. I have been wanting some fish, and though it wasn't catfish, I figured Sea Island would do. My wife insisted that we go to the restaurant near Loop 410 as opposed to the 1604 location, and it was a good choice.

We both had the B Lunch (shrimp and fish) and were quite pleased. First, the fish was not dry at all and I got the bonus of having an extra piece thrown on for good measure. The hush puppies were perfectly cooked - not hard as a rock. And the cole slaw was out of this world.

My wife was so happy that she went to the manager and thanked him for the quality and complimented the friendly staff and quick service.

Sorry, I was too hungry to take a picture before eating, but it was such a Tasty Treat that shortly after this photograph was taken, I joined the "Clean Plate Club"!

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The Bridegroom said...

I have to agree with this. My family visited this Sea Island just last week and I was blown away by the service of their staff, from the bus boy getting a high chair for Peanut (my wife was just starting to go get it) to the counter guy bringing out the little one's food as soon as it was ready. I searched for the manager as we were leaving so I could tell him how awesome his staff was, but I couldn't find him....

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