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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lunch Report: Sea Island

I’m no fan of fast food type restaurants, and we certainly have our share of the usual fare around Silver Creek, but I do enjoy the next level up in dining, the chain type bar and grill. You know, Chili’s, Applebee’s, Bennigans etc. It isn’t fast food but you know for the most part what you are getting regardless of which location you go to.

San Antonio has a local chain called Sea Island. As you would imagine, they serve fish. For the most part, they have a good system in place allowing you to order directly at the counter, get your drinks then find a place to sit while waiting for your food to be cooked. This system saves the issue of waiting for a waitress. Though they usually have a person walking around serving refills on your tea, it is also very acceptable for you to go to a drink station and get your own refills. I do like this system and wish say for instance, Chili’s would give it a shot. Especially the parts of letting me refill my own beer!

Okay, so having said that I like their system, I have to confess that as far as fish goes, I am more of a fan of Clear Springs out in Afton Oaks, or better, the one in between New Braunfels and Seguin. But, my wife likes Sea Ilsand and it is near the house. For the price and service, it usually hits the spot. We get the “B Lunch” which is quite a deal with shrimp and fish, hushpuppies and two sides. The cole slaw is okay and if you like fries, they work. Saturday, I tried the black beans and I have to tell you, they were excellent!

So the complaint? For whatever reason, both my wife and I agreed that the fish and the shrimp were in bad form. The plank of fried fish was flat and dry. My wife made the comment that we should have gone to the Fred’s Fish Fry that just opened on Culebra. The shrimp had a really fishy taste to it. Thankfully, the tarter sauce they serve has a good creamy quality and taste, and I was able to drown out the dry texture of the fish.

So, while we were not pleased with the quality (other than the wonderful Black Beans) this time around, I think that we have had enough good experiences at the Bandera Pointe and 1604 Sea Island to recommend it to others – just hope for a good day. Oh, and try the Black Beans.

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