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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fiesta San Antonio!

Instead of a “mission statement” of sorts or an explanation as to what I’ll be posting here, I thought I’d get right into it. We can catch up on who I am and all about Silver Creek later.

Friday, I had lunch and a meeting at my downtown office and took the rest of the afternoon off. After all, it is the beginning of Fiesta! I had this bright idea of taking a trolley from my office over to El Mercado and purchasing a Fiesta shirt for my mother.

San Antonio’s Via (the bus company) has a trolley that runs around the downtown area so it would make sense for me to stay parked at my office and take the trolley, but there is only one problem. I haven’t really figured out the route, how much it costs or any of the schedules, so I decided to walk instead. And what a great day for a walk.

I think a lot of people who live in SA forget how wonderful the downtown area is, or perhaps they have had a bad experience and have written it off. Beyond the River Walk, I think there is so much to see, so many shops and bars and restaurants worth giving a chance.

On my way towards the Mercado, I saw quite an interesting site. I suppose this is art. I’m just not sure I would waste a Corvette like that, or such a nice Impala.

This is why I always try to keep a camera handy.

Anyway, back on topic. One of my major pet peeves in life is graffiti. I know that there is a segment of society who wants to excuse taggers as misguided artists seeking nothing more than a canvas to express themselves. I’d say, we should hire a Director of Cultural Affairs, give them a reserved parking spot, and a little canvas to work with.

I made my way to Market Square and things were just getting kicked off. Bands were playing, a homeless drunk (or perhaps, simply crazy) lady was already getting her groove on, and the shops were full of souvenirs for the tourists. It was just after 1 PM and already, there were lines forming at the beer booths.

Fiesta is comprised of many events at various locations throughout San Antonio but I have always enjoyed the sights and sounds of Market Square or El Mercado. There is a large Police presence to keep things under control, yet I have never witnessed our officers unduly cracking down on people trying to enjoy themselves. There is such a huge variety of food to enjoy and it seems like a different band or type of music is available around every corner.

I went inside the market to find a good shirt for my mom, but instead I found a 32 oz cup of beer for $4.00 so I opted to look around a bit more.

On the center stage, there was a young performer, a girl who appeared to be maybe 16 giving a performance suitable for Karaoke night at a strip club. She really was working the stage and I felt almost creepy for watching. Her manager/mother had printed out stacks of 8 x 11 Glamour Shot like photos that she was selling for $2.00 each. I passed.

What an afternoon, and it was just the start. Nothing says Fiesta like several rows of Port-a-Potties! Welcome to San Antonio!

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